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Portugal #3 tourist destination gaining most popularity with US travellers

Portugal #3 tourist destination gaining most popularity with US travellers

According with Squaremouth, a travel insurance site comparison, there are five international destinations seeing a huge boost from American travellers, since last year:

  • Israel: +50%
  • Iceland: +43%
  • Porugal: +42%
  • Vietnam: 39%
  • Norway: 36%

While the stats only apply to US travellers who purchased insurance with Squaremouth, last year the World Tourism Organization released its list of the fastest-growing tourist destinations globally, being Portugal the first among Southern and Mediterranean Europe countries with more than 10million international arrivals:

  • Portugal: +12,7%, 11,4 million arrivals
  • Spain: +10,3%, 75,6 million arrivals
  • Croatia: +8,9%, 13,8 million arrivals

Please read the full UNWTO report here.

Finally, according with the European Cities Marketing, Lisbon ranks #15 in the top 15 of european cities by bednights in 2016 . with 9,7 million bednights, being the 3rd fastest growing destination after Barcelona and Amsterdam.

Hope this information is valuable for you, in the perspective of a real estate investor.


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