• Welcome to Nomera Capital, Portugal Real Estate. Lisbon, Porto, Obidos, Alentejo, Algarve.

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Nomera Capital find the properties best suited to your needs and we guide you through the whole process, providing intelligence about market prices and evaluation to ensure you have the best deal.

  • Market Conditions Advisoring
    Nomera Capital have deep market knowledge. We work with market official statistics, and we prepare our own market reports, providing you with the most accurate picture of the market, helping you to find the best deals, and ensuring you will not pay more than the real property value.
  • Find that special property for you that is not on the market
    Sometimes you have a property in mind and you don’t find in the market. Nomera Capital help you find that special property through our comprehensive network of contacts, where we have privileged access to off-market properties and pocket listings.
  • Professional negotiation with the seller’s agent
    The seller agent’s mission it to defend the owner’s best interests maximising the transaction value. My mission is to defend your best interests, providing information about the market prices, how many proposals were presented to the owner, and negotiating the best price.
  • Property documentation validation services
    Our lawyers validate the property documentation to ensure that there are no pending obligations.
  • Financing services for Non-Residents
    Should you need a finance solution, we provide you with a direct contact in the largest private bank in Portugal, and our lawyers can handle the account opening and mortgage financing processes for you, with total transparency.
  • Lawyer Advisory and Representation (Power of Attorney)
    Our lawyers can represent you with Power of Attorney to sign promissory contracts and deeds, open a bank account, create a company, and other acts.
  • Company creation for tax optimisation
    Shoud you want to open a company in Portugal to incorporate your real estate investments and optimise tax payments, our lawyers and accountants can provide you the best guidance and handle the process in your behalf.
  • House repair services and architecture
    Our partners provide you with transparent budgets and services for house repair, remodeling and home design.