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Nomera Capital partner lawyer specialises in assisting foreign clients, representing you through all needed legal acts.

  • Request a Golden Visa Permit
    Assist you in requesting a Golden Visa permit for you and your family, allowing you and your family members to enter and/or live in Portugal and to travel freely within the vast majority of European countries (Schengen space). Our lawyers handle all the process on your behalf.
  • Request Non Habitual Resident status
    Assist you in requesting the Non Habitual Resident status and benefit from the, allowing you to benefit from a cap in tax payables both in Portugal and the country source of the income.
  • Property documentation validation services
    Our lawyers validate the property documentation to ensure that there are no pending obligations.
  • Lawyer Advisory and Representation (Power of Attorney)
    Our lawyers can represent you with Power of Attorney to sign promissory contracts and deeds, open a bank account, create a company, and other acts.
  • Company creation for tax optimisation
    Shoud you want to open a company in Portugal to incorporate your real estate investments and optimise tax payments, our lawyers and accountants can provide you the best guidance and handle the process in your behalf.